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Get Stunning Hardwood Floors

At MacKenzie Hardwood Flooring in Worcester, MA, when it comes to hardwood flooring, we are the go-to experts, providing all the servicing you’ll ever need for your flooring. There is no need to call any other company, we complete the entire job, from removing your old floor straight to refinishing your new one.

Our expert professionals will come in and remove your old flooring, whether it’s carpeting, tile, vinyl, or laminate. We’ll even dispose of the old materials as well. Once the old flooring is removed, we can install your new hardwood floors. We clean up any mess, only leaving behind a shiny and new, beautiful hardwood floor in any room of your home. And our floors come with a warranty so you’re guaranteed to be covered in case of any mishaps or mistakes. We stand behind our work and our professionals. We know our work is top-notch!

In addition to installation, we also provide exceptional services to your current hardwood floors. We offer repairs, refinishing, staining, and sanding services. At MacKenzie Hardwood Flooring, we provide everything you need to care for your flooring, ensuring your hardwood floors look their best and last a lifetime.

Our service area covers a 50-mile radius around Worcester.

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